Why I am running...

  Dear Constituents of U.S. Congressional District 28 of California, My name is Giuliano “Gio” DePaolis and I am running for the House of Representatives this June 7th Primary.   And I need your help. My decision was a simple choice between watching career politicians ruin the country I love, or doing something about it. I am running WITHOUT a party, because I think the “two-party system” exists to serve the “two-party system”, not the citizens. I am running because: … we will look up one day and the U.S. Defense budget will be $1,000,000,000,000 per year. … we need term limits for members of Congress. … we need a single-payer healthcare system that supports workers, doesn’t hinder small business, and ends medical bankruptcies. … we need a common sense climate change policy or our taxes will disappear into useless “climate justice” initiatives. … our legislators shouldn’t make more trading stocks than they earn serving “the People”. … our legislators need to stop the political power gr

The Strategy: Force the Vote.

History shows us that which-ever party gains the majority in their respective houses of congress, will always seek to gain more power for their political group, rather than exercise that power for the will of the people they claim to represent. On January 3rd, 2021, the Progressive wing of the Democratic party refused to demand a floor vote on a “medical for all bill” in exchange for supporting Nancy Pelosi’s bid for speaker of the House.  This was a strategy simply called “Force the Vote.”   While not a realistic approach to accomplishing Medicare for All, it would have exposed the Democrats that claim to support M4A, but secretly oppose any implementation of the program.  This could have been accomplished with just six votes in the House of Representatives.  Instead of putting the needs of their constituents first, they chose to support Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party.  The Democratic Party controls The House, The Senate, and The Presidency, and yet they refuse to even

The Issues...

   1.  Single Payer Medical Insurance Over 72% of all Democrats, and over 50% of Republicans now support a single-payer health care option, and yet we have a government that refuses to entertain the idea, much less put it to a House vote, mainly due to the influence of Big-Pharma and the for-profit health insurance industry. Since medical bankruptcy is the primary cause of homelessness in the U.S., solving the issue of the uninsured would resolve the key factor in the creation of the unhoused. A Single Payer Option would offer an alternative to the for profit health care system that, in the near future will be financially untenable, and contribute to the collapse of the healthcare market. 2.  Cannabis Legislation Reform Since it's legalization or decriminalization in 37 states and the District of Columbia, t he cannabis industry has generated billions of dollars of revenue for state and local governments annually and provides millions of above-market employment opportunities. Howe


  #NPA / #NPP How can an elected official serve BOTH the constituents in their congressional districts AND advance the power structure of their party if one stance is opposed to the other?  How does the will of the people get done if politicians openly flaunt the abuse that keeps political agency from millions of citizens?  The mechanisms of self-determination are clearly defined in the Constitution, yet we have “legislators” in power that refuse to perform their sworn duties to the distress and detriment of this Republic. The problem is not the system. It is who we send to represent us. The two party system has failed. We need a new direction, and new leadership . No Party Affiliation / No Party Preference If elected, I won't take their money.. I won't toe their line.