Why I am running...

 Dear Constituents of U.S. Congressional District 28 of California,

My name is Giuliano “Gio” DePaolis and I am running for the House of Representatives this June 7th Primary.  

And I need your help.

My decision was a simple choice between watching career politicians ruin the country I love, or doing something about it.

I am running WITHOUT a party, because I think the “two-party system” exists to serve the “two-party system”, not the citizens.

I am running because:

… we will look up one day and the U.S. Defense budget will be $1,000,000,000,000 per year.

… we need term limits for members of Congress.

… we need a single-payer healthcare system that supports workers, doesn’t hinder small business, and ends medical bankruptcies.

… we need a common sense climate change policy or our taxes will disappear into useless “climate justice” initiatives.

… our legislators shouldn’t make more trading stocks than they earn serving “the People”.

… our legislators need to stop the political power grabbing and get back to work.

Help me break the system that has forgotten whom it is supposed to serve.

Vote Gio on June 7th 2022.  

 Vote no party preference.